by Javascript Specialist December 7, 2014 17:46
BackgroundThe ngDialog Module is an AngularJS windows dialog box pop up.Minimal RequirementsMust inc [More]

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Learn AngularJS in 30 minutes

by Javascript Specialist August 19, 2014 20:57
Below is a step by step guide with examples as to how you can easily learn AngularJS. If you spend 5 [More]

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Building a generic Web Services functions to manage data using AngularJS Factory

by Javascript Specialist August 24, 2014 02:32
myApp.factory("dataService", ["$http", "$q", function ($http, $q) {     return {  [More]

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What is an AngularJS Factory

by Javascript Specialist August 21, 2014 18:08
A factory method can be called from the controller. This allows data to be shared between controller [More]

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