Which version of AngularJS to use?

by Javascript Specialist August 9, 2014 01:31

10% of the population still uses IE8. This because many people still use windows XP Operating System and Windows XP recommends IE8. 

1. If your web site needs to server the public, then you should support IE8, use AngularJS 1.2.21

With AngularJS 1.2.21, they include animation - angular-animate.js, but the animation will not work on IE8.

2. Otherwise, IE9 pretty much irrelevant. No one uses IE9. Go straight to support IE11 use the latest AngularJS version, 1.3

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How are .NET Collection Classes are built?

by Javascript Specialist August 8, 2014 22:42

The two main ingredients to .NET Collection Classes are the two interfaces

1. IEnumerable
2. ICollections

IEnumberable helps parse through the items when using foreach loops.

ICollections helps manage the editing, insertion and deletions of items in the collections.

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Which Collection Classes in .NET to use?

by Javascript Specialist August 8, 2014 22:44

In programming, one of the most common task is to manage a collection of items such as a list of user names, list of roles, list of sales, etc.

As we review each of the collection classes, you will notice many of them are obsolete. That is because from .NET 2.0, Microsoft introduced Generic Collections which pretty much renders many of the non generic collections obsolete.

The following is a sample of collection types and when to use them

  1. Arrays - this most simplest type of collection. When you don't know which collection class to use or you are just learning about Collection classes, then this type is the easiest class to understand and use.
  2. ArrayList - similar to arrays, but you do not need to know the length of the array. When you know the length of the array, use the Arrays type as it is faster to process.
  3. Dictionary - an order pair of key and value. Use this when you want to associate one item to another such as making a Dictionary application :)
  4. Hashtable- Obsolete -  a Hashtable is a equivalent to a generic Dictionary<Tkey, TValue>.
  5. StringCollection - Obsolete - Use List<string> instead
  6. HashSet<T> - Use when you want to have a collection of unique items. Similiar to List<T>, but the search speed is much faster and is not sorted. You can also think of HashSet<T> like a Dictionary<TKey,TValue> but without the value.
    Once you understand which Collection Class to use, you may be interested in building your own Collection Class or understanding the importance of Interface:

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    What is LINQ?

    by Javascript Specialist August 8, 2014 03:23

    LINQ is a query syntax that allows programmers to manage a collection of data without having to use loops. Before LINQ, to manage a collection of items such as array, you would need to loop through the array. Using LINQ, similar to SQL, you just need to write one line of code to search, filter, update or delete a collection of items.

    Before you can understand LINQ, you need to understand collection of items and generic types.

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